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Aeropress Coffee Maker

With its ease of use and extreme durability, the Aeropress produces a wonderfully clean, refined, and expressive brew.

Aeropress Coffee Maker


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What the Aeropress lacks in appearance, it more than makes up for with the staggeringly clean and expressive cups of coffee it can produce. We've consistently experienced beautiful cup after cup using an Aeropress, whether in the coffee bar or on the road. A wonderful travel companion, the Aeropress is compact, lightweight, approved by TSA, and virtually indestructible (yes, we've tried). We never leave for a sourcing trip without one.

For tips on brewing a tasty cup, visit our Aeropress Brewing Guide.

Placing a bulk order? See our FAQ page for more details.


350 micro-filters, filter holder, plunger press, scoop, funnel, stirrer


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