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Cubito, Luis Pedro Zelaya

Dried Apricot, Milk Chocolate, Orange Blossom Whole Bean, 12oz

Cubito, Luis Pedro Zelaya


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Coffee Details

The Herrera family has owned Finca Potrero for four generations, spanning more than a century. Four siblings now own and operate the original estate, which has been divided into separate parcels. Carlos Herrera named his parcel “Cubito” after a natural spring that flows on the land, allowing his Bourbon and Caturra trees to thrive in the rich, alluvial soil. 

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Coffee weight


0.75lb / 12oz / 340g
Taste notes

Taste Notes

Dried Apricot, Milk Chocolate, Orange Blossom

Growing Altitude

1500 masl
Variety method

Variety/Processing Method

Bourboncito /Washed


Antigua, Ciudad Vieja

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