Finca El Hospital, Mercedez López

Luxardo Cherry, Kumquat, Toffee

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El Hospital is a family plot located in Funes, Nariño, the southern section of Colombia not far from the Ecuadorian border. Along with her brother Pancho and her Father Luciano, Mercedez manages eight hectares on a steep farm near the Andes moutain range. This is one of the highest elevation coffees we have ever purchased in Colombia. The farm is composed of twenty year old Caturra trees that have never been renewed, partially due to their extreme height. This coffee was a stunner on the cupping table with taste notes of plum, grapefruit, baking spices, and kumquat.

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Taste Notes

Luxardo Cherry, Kumquat, Toffee

Growing Altitude

1900-2000 masl

Variety/Processing Method



Funes, Nariño

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