Finca La Joya, Hermógenes Hernández

Nectarine, Chocolate Mousse, Almond Brittle

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A new relationship for Sightglass, this is our first year sourcing coffee from Hermogenes. His farm is located close to the town of La Florida in Nariño on the Northern foothills of the Galeras volcano. Exclusively planted with Castillo and Colombia varietiies, he ferments these coffees 50% longer than usual to elevate the complexity and profile of the coffee. High altitude, unique processing methods, and volcanic soil work together to create this well-balanced cup.

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Taste Notes

Nectarine, Chocolate Mousse, Almond Brittle

Growing Altitude

1800-1850 masl

Variety/Processing Method

Castillo & Colombia/Washed


La Florida, Nariño

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