Kariua AA
Passionfruit, Nectarine, Molasses
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Much of our work in Kenya over the past few years has focused on fostering direct relationships with farmers. Whenever we arrive in Kenya to taste fresh arrivals to the dry mills and auctions we taste all the premium grades of coffee, sometimes amounting to over 250 unique samples. This particular lot was purchased on our behalf at the Nairobi Coffee Exchange auction this year since it was one of the most expressive and delicious coffees we tasted. Packed with vibrant tropical flavors, there's a deep sweetness and pleasant stone fruit qualities throughout.

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Taste Notes

Passionfruit, Nectarine, Molasses

Growing Altitude

1500-1800 masl

Variety/Processing Method

SL 28, SL 34/Washed


Kirianai Town, Nyeri

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