Mbululu AB
Honeycomb, Black Currant, Cardamom
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Coming from a single estate managed by Festus Mbai Ndonye, this coffee shines with vibrant fruit flavors and a sweet, spiced finish. His farm is located in the township of Machakos, southeast of Nairobi in a region that is less well known for its coffee than the famed regions to the north. Although there is slightly less altitude on this farm, it is well managed and produces excellent coffee. There are plans this year to create reservoirs on the farm and integrate an irrigation system that will Festus manage when the coffee begins to flower. Irrigation is not a common site on many specialty farms due to cost, but it provides stability to the farmer with the ever drifting harvest seasons.

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Taste Notes

Honeycomb, Black Currant, Cardamom

Growing Altitude

1500-1600 masl

Variety/Processing Method

SL 28/Washed



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