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Mpanda Station, Ruhango

A refreshing coffee, with crisp satsuma acidity subtly balanced by creamy persimmon and fig sweetness. Whole Bean, 12oz

Mpanda Station, Ruhango


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Coffee Details

The Mpanda washing station was first built and operated in 2015 by two orphaned brothers, Eric and Clement. Using any support they could get, they managed to attend school and both graduated from college. While both engage in coffee trading, after graduation, Eric decided to settle for a job with a consistent source of income, while Clement chose to manage the washing station. Mpanda processed a half container in their first season, but were able to double that volume this season.

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Coffee weight


0.75lb / 12oz / 340g
Taste notes

Taste Notes

Satsuma, Persimmon, Fig

Growing Altitude

1855 masl
Variety method

Variety/Processing Method



Ruhango District