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Simbi Station, Huye

An expressive cup, with fresh honeydew melon aromas, a sugary sweetness, and bold notes of lush stone fruit and marmalade. Whole Bean, 8oz

Simbi Station, Huye


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Coffee Details

Simbi is a privately owned washing station operated by Abdul Rudahunga, who was inspired to get into coffee by his grandmother, a farmer and one of the few rural Rwandans that traditionally roasted and drank coffee. The washing station was established in 2013, equipped with both a processing facility and depulper, focusing on wet fermentation and density sorting via grading channels and water. In Simbi’s first year of operation it placed 9th in the Rwanda Cup of Excellence competition, and has since focused on maintaining quality while increasing production.

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Coffee weight


0.5 lb / 8oz / 227g
Taste notes

Taste Notes

Honeydew Melon, Stone Fruit, Marmalade

Growing Altitude

1700 masl
Variety method

Variety/Processing Method



Huye District