Do What Comes Natural

Do What Comes Natural

If you went over to Mother Nature’s yurt and she served you a cup of coffee, what do you think it would taste like?  Probably really jammy and sweet, and a little wild in the very best way.  (Her yurt would also smell like Dr. Bronner’s and weed, but that’s not totally relevant here.) In any case, her coffee would certainly be naturally-processed, like our new Yetatebe, Natural, available in our webstore now.


As opposed to washed coffees, where the fruit is removed immediately after harvest, naturally-processed coffees are sun-dried with the coffee cherry still intact, so that the fruit slowly concentrates during the processing. Eventually that fruit forms a hard shell that is then milled off, leaving behind the coffee bean. This is actually the most common, ancient way to process coffee, and it can be dead simple: pick the coffee, put it in the sun.


Naturally-processed coffees can also be polarizing, a love or hate type thing. That’s because if the drying isn’t done really carefully, the coffee might taste boozy, fermented and earthy. The flavor can also be one-note; a big punch in the mouth of fermented fruit flavor.

BUT. And this is very important to note: when it’s done correctly, a natural is as delectable,  delicious, and unique as any coffee we offer. When we first tasted this coffee, we knew we had stumbled across something special; the cleanest, sweetest naturally-processed coffee we’ve come across in our many years of roasting. Punchy flavors of strawberry jam and milk chocolate up front, combined with a lingering, honey-like finish, produce a cup unlike any other natural we’ve ever enjoyed.


We shouldn’t have been surprised. The estate that produces this coffee is the same one where we source our much-loved washed Yetatebe. They’re well-known for producing amazing naturally-processed coffees, and they’ve won quite a few awards for them. We’ve been to the estate and seen with our own eyes just how meticulous they are about their methods and equipment, and we always trust our partners at Yetatebe to only offer the finest coffees.

So give this Yetatebe, Natural a try. Burn some incense, light the beeswax candles you bought at that crafts fair in New Mexico, comb your beard. Get all hygge, and brew a cup that shows Yetatebe in a whole new light; a delicious take on an old favorite. Namaste, friends.

Yetatebe, Natural is available in our webstore now!

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