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Owl's Howl

A deep, honey-like body, with notes of ripe berry, chocolate-covered cherry, and sweet candied lemon. Whole Bean, 12oz

Owl's Howl


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Coffee Details

While components and flavors change seasonally, our flagship Owl's Howl Espresso invariably delivers a balanced, and refined espresso experience.

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Coffee weight


0.75lb / 12oz / 340g
Taste notes

Taste Notes

Berry, Chocolate-covered Cherry, Candied Lemon

Growing Altitude

Variety method

Variety/Processing Method



Seasonally Varying

Owl's Howl Espresso


It’s simple: excellent coffee depends on the quality and freshness of green coffee. Like any other fresh crop, coffee eventually stales, losing vibrancy, complexity and sweetness. At Sightglass, we strive to offer only the best coffees possible, taking great care to exclusively buy and work with coffees within their current crop. Essentially, we source, roast, and sell our coffees while they exhibit their maximum expression — before they begin to show any loss of character from aging.

Our enduring commitment to these sourcing practices is exemplified by our seasonally rotating Owl’s Howl Espresso blend. We rotate the components that comprise this blend throughout the year to ensure optimal freshness. This gives us the opportunity to showcase beautiful coffees that pair well together in an espresso blend.




Dose: 18 – 20 grams

Brewing Temp: 200º – 202º F

Brewing Duration: 28 – 31 sec’s

Extracted Solution Yield: 29.0 – 32.0 grams

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