Introducing the Coffee Spritz!

Introducing the Coffee Spritz!


Summer is in full swing and it’s time to celebrate with a new seasonal drink: the Coffee Spritz. It’s a refreshing, lightly sweet sparkling soda with orange, fennel, and a soft extraction of our single origin from Papua New Guinea, Baroida Estate. Baroida Estate’s notes of juicy strawberry, chocolate, and fresh herbs provide layers of flavor to craft the drink around, resulting in an extraordinary beverage.


How it All Began

We’re offering the Coffee Spritz in collaboration with Zero Proof, a non-alcoholic cocktail company based out of LA. Owner and Founder Han Suk Cho started her beverage career while working as a chef and non-alcoholic beverage specialist at Michelin starred restaurants like SingleThread, Dialogue and N/Naka. Drawing from her experiences and surroundings, she’s turned this passion into Zero Proof, bringing these non-alcoholic cocktails outside the hallowed halls of fine dining and into the wider world. 


Photo by — Mami Yamamoto


Behind the Beverage

Han is highly skilled at balancing complex flavors and textures. We chatted with her about where she draws her inspiration from, the company and what’s next for Zero Proof.


Q: Could you share a bit about your background and what led you to starting Zero Proof?

A: I grew up in the countryside of South Korea where my mother raised me to not drink alcohol. I moved to Los Angeles in 2012 and started to meet more and more people who chose not to drink alcohol. I started Zero Proof so everyone can feel special at celebrations.


Q: Can you tell us about what your mission or vision is for Zero Proof? 

A: Zero Proof will continue to give a special joy not only to people who don’t drink, but also to people who are suffering from addiction or simply wanting to cut down their alcohol consumption.  I want people to choose Zero Proof over alcoholic cocktails.


Q: Where do you draw your inspiration from when you’re thinking of new drink recipes? 

A: I think a lot about seasonal ingredients. Fortunately, living in Southern California gives me access to a wide variety of the best organic produce.  I also base my drinks on childhood memories because I want my cocktails to be fun and playful.


Q: What is your inspiration behind Coffee Spritz?

A: When Jerad mentioned about coffee based drinks,  I immediately switched the word “coffee” to “chocolate” thinking what goes well with chocolate most likely goes well with coffee. Orange and fennel is a classic combination, and chocolate and orange is my favorite pairing.  Coincidentally, what I have created reminded me of the moment when I first drank Coca-Cola.  


Q: Any favorite food pairings you can recommend for this collaboration drink?

A: I definitely recommend enjoying our Coffee Spritz with a BLT. The smokiness of the bacon compliments the coffee aroma, and the tomato goes well with the orange notes from Coffee Spritz.  It is also great for an afternoon pick-me-up.


Q: What flavors/drinks/foods are you most excited about this season?

A: I am the most excited about melons. As a kid, melon soda was my favorite drink in Korea, and I always wondered why nobody made melon soda with fresh melons. I am excited to share my childhood favorite drink with others. 


Q: Can share about what you're working on next?

A: I’ve been collaborating with chefs in different cities where I pair my drinks with their food. My ultimate goal with Zero Proof is opening a soda fountain.  A soda fountain is something everybody can get excited about and not a lot of them exist anymore.


Grab a Coffee Spritz for a limited time at any of our LA or SF cafes. For more information on Zero Proof visit their website or follow along on Instagram.


Grant MacHamer has been in the specialty coffee industry for 11 years, currently serving as Director of Education for Sightglass Coffee. As a barista, educator and storyteller he seeks to improve our daily coffee rituals while sharing the stories of the countless people that make our morning cup of coffee possible.

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