Learn How To Brew Cold Coffee – Iced V60

Learn How To Brew Cold Coffee – Iced V60

Quick Guide

Coffee: 20 grams
Grind: Semi-fine
Water Temp: 207°F
Bloom Weight: 40 grams
Final Brewing Weight: 160 grams
Brew Time: 2-2:30 minutes


V60 Dripper and filters
V60 Range Server or other vessel
Digital Scale
Pouring Kettle
Burr Grinder
Freshly Roasted, Whole Bean Coffee


1. Thoroughly rinse a V60 filter with hot water in order to preheat the brewing vessel and to avoid a papery taste.

2. Dose 20 grams of whole bean coffee. Use coffee that has been rested at least 2 to 3 days, but no longer than 3 weeks.

3. Grind the coffee slightly finer than you would for an automatic coffee maker, like fine sand.

4. Pour coffee into the pre-heated v60, level the coffee bed and tare the scale.

5. Add 160 grams of ice to the server.

6. Start a timer and gently pour 40 grams of water evenly over the coffee.

7. After 45 seconds, slowly pour water to 80 grams starting from the center of the coffee bed in small circles, making sure not to pour directly on the paper filter.

8. As the water level falls, continue pouring water in around 40 gram increments to maintain an even water level. Continue this process until you reach 160 grams.

9. Your coffee should finish dripping between 2 to 2:30 minutes.Swirl the brewed concentrate and ice until chilled. Pour iced coffee into your favorite cup.

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