Sweet and Clean: Our New Packaging

Sweet and Clean: Our New Packaging

Do you remember when you were a kid and you got permission to rearrange your room, and you felt really proud of it, and you showed your parents and said “hey, that’s really nice,” and you thought, “new room, new me!” That’s kind of how we’re feeling right now.

After nearly 10 years, we just launched packaging with a clean new look. The aesthetic is straightforward; our logo in silver and a nice clear circle to highlight the name of the coffee and the farm where it was grown. On the back, some basic information about why we select the coffees that we do. Our goal was pretty simple: to help customers pick exactly the right coffee by giving them the best information they need to make that choice.

But color too! We’ve always been fans of the earthier tones, and we’re not going florescent now (and there’s not a drop of millennial pink to be seen), but these new colors—a dark charcoal, a gentle blue, our signature fudge brown, and bone white—feel exactly right to us. They look handsome on the shelf and they also help customers choose a single origin (brown), a blend (blue), or an espresso (charcoal), which is how folks have let us know they like coffee choices to be organized.

We’re also particularly proud of a new custom font designed specifically for us. It echos the original hand lettering that was created for our logo, but it adds new letterforms and additional sizes and styles. Creating a new font is an old and time-honored craft, and (even if mostly involves computers now and not as much hot lead) we’re glad to make it part of our company’s legacy.

Most everything else is staying the same. This is the same sustainable material, Biotre 2.0, that we use now, and the size and the prices aren’t changing either. And of course, they’re still filled with the same wonderful coffees, which is the only thing that really matters.

Honestly though, it feels like we’re growing up a bit. This design communicates even more about the values that we’ve developed (and continue to develop) over the last decade. You’ll see the phrase on the back of the bag, “The Perfect Cup is Out There.” We’ll let you know more about that as time goes on, but we’re confident when we say that we’ll never stop evolving, improving, or searching out the best coffees that we can possibly find.

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