First Batch Edition No. 13 - Colombia, Finca Las Florestales, Maximino Gutierrez

First Batch Edition No. 13 - Colombia, Finca Las Florestales, Maximino Gutierrez


Farm Notes

Drying roof at Finca Las Florestales 

Region: Herrera, Tolima

Variety: 100% Bourbon

Growing Altitude: 1600-1800

Processing Method: Bourbon/Washed

Length of Relationship: 12 Years


For First Batch 13 we’re excited to celebrate an old friend, Maximino Gutierrez, and his farm Finca Las Florestales. The name might be familiar but this isn’t your typical Florestales release, this season Maximino has done something truly remarkable. He produced a special harvest of 100% Bourbon coffee, a heritage variety that’s more difficult to produce but unmatched in flavor and complexity in the cup. This is a true labor of love for him, and we’re excited to share it with you.


Image of Maximino Gutierrez


Risk and Reward

Bourbon coffee, no relation to the American whisky, first reached South America in 1860 and spread across the continent as the most popular coffee variety in the Americas. Bourbon was named for the island of its origin (now known as Réunion Island) off the coast of Madagascar. They can taste different depending on where they’re grown but are typically creamy and sweet with balanced but complex acidity. Despite its incredible flavor, Bourbon trees produce far less fruit, require more shade, and are more susceptible to disease than other varieties. For these reasons, old Bourbon trees have been ripped out and replaced with heartier varieties like Caturra and Castillo which are a much safer bet for farmers who rely on these harvests for their livelihood. Planting Bourbon is a risk, but in the hands of a master farmer like Maximino, the reward is a truly inimitable coffee.

Image of the White River


A Taste of the Andes

This special Bourbon harvest is a first from Maximino, but his prized Red and Yellow Caturra harvests have graced the Sightglass menu for the past 12 years. We enthusiastically buy every single bag of coffee that Maximino produces and always shed a little tear when we inevitably sell out. Finca Las Florestales is named after the large collection of bright, exotic flowers that adorn his front porch, perched high in the Andes Mountains. This rural and bucolic farm is tucked away in a remote region of Tolima, Colombia in a misty river valley with rich soil, and the perfect climate for coffee to thrive. His brother, Gildardo Gutierrez, owns and manages the coffee farm, Finca Monteverde, next door. This family connection allows them both to share resources and expertise, helping to push each other to produce increasingly delicious coffee year after year. This shared knowledge and support helped Maximino perfect the planting, harvest, and processing methods for this special lot, ultimately producing this vibrant coffee for us to roast.


Colombian Bourbon

With vibrant kiwi acidity, juicy concord grape notes, and honey sweetness, this coffee is complex yet approachable. If you’re a fan of Finca Las Florestales or Colombia coffee in general, then don't miss out on this one. 


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