Our Seasonal Blend: Summer Solstice

Our Seasonal Blend: Summer Solstice

Summer is at our doorstep, which means that it’s time to relax with friends, soak in the sunshine and get the most out of every day. In this spirit, we’re excited to introduce you to our newest seasonal blend, Summer Solstice. Named for the longest day of the year, this blend is sourced and roasted to produce a spectrum of flavors that deliver a lively and refined experience. Whether your perfect summer includes a road trip with friends, a surf trip down the coast, or an afternoon sunbathing on your favorite patch of green, this coffee will fit perfectly.


This Big Thing Right Here

View of Rwandan coffee farm from top of a hill.

Rwandan coffees are always a highlight on our menu and Summer Solstice contains one of our very favorites. This first coffee comes to us from the Kinini Coffee Cooperative in the Rulino District of Rwanda. “Kinini” literally means “This big thing right here” and is aptly named. This delicious coffee comes from one village and 48 co-op member farms– 85% of whom are women. Their high-elevation coffee is fully washed and expertly dried on raised beds to ensure even drying. Having produced an 87-point coffee during their very first year of production, suffice it to say, Kinini is a pretty big deal, and one of the finest Rwandan coffees that we’ve ever tasted. This superlative coffee is what gives Summer Solstice balanced tropical fruit and peak-season peach notes. This coffee is pure sunshine.


Old Friends and New

Ethiopian woman, roasting and brewing coffee outside

As exciting as it is to blend with Kinini, to make a balanced blend, you need to find the right counterbalance. A coffee that tells its own story and helps to bring out the best in the other component. For this task, we turned to a trusted friend, Yetatebe. This heirloom Ethiopian coffee comes from the Guji region, which has an exceptional climate, rich soil, and centuries of coffee farming tradition and technique. Since all coffee can trace its roots back to Ethiopia, it’s not an overstatement to say that Ethiopia enjoys the greatest varietal diversity of any coffee-producing country on earth. This versatile coffee adds vibrant acidity and sweetness that remind us of lime zest, lemon custard, bergamot, and jasmine. This light and refreshing coffee is an easy one the love.


Summer in a Cup

When combined, expertly roasted, and brewed with care, this blend delivers juicy passionfruit and rooibos tea notes, a soft and creamy mouthfeel, and sweetness that reminds us of honeysuckle. Hot or iced, it makes a lively and refined cup. Just like these long, leisurely summer days, enjoy every sip of this juicy and vibrant blend, because it won't last long.


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