Sightglass Cold Coffee—full flavor, remarkably refreshing

Sightglass Cold Coffee—full flavor, remarkably refreshing

At Sightglass, we love cold coffee. But a lot of the chilled-out brews we’ve tried, leave us cold. So we figured out how to do cold coffee the Sightglass way. Inspired by a Japanese-style iced coffee brewing technique, we ensure the refined flavors and subtle notes of our coffee don’t get muddy or dull when the temperature drops.

Until now, you could only get Sightglass Cold Coffee in one of our cafés. But now, it’s ready to go wherever your day takes you—Introducing Sightglass Cold Coffee in on-the-go cans.

Classic Black

Bright, complex, and with notes of mandarin, milk chocolate, and honeysuckle, Classic Black is the purest, most essential form of cold coffee.

Cold Coffee Done Right

Coffee just isn’t coffee unless it’s brewed hot—so we do just that. Then a unique process is used to quickly chill it, capturing the aromatics, flavors, and compounds that offer the elevated coffee experience you expect.

Ready When You Are

We’ve been serving Sightglass Cold Coffee out of kegs in our San Francisco and Los Angeles cafés for years, but our new ready-to-drink cans mean that you can take an uncompromising cold cup with you, wherever you go.

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