Finca Baide, Jeovany Baide

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Dark  Chocolate, Pear, Mango

Roast Level:Medium

This release marks eleven years of buying coffee directly from Jeovany Baide. Over the years, he has gradually improved his farm... READ MORE

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Finca Baide, Jeovany Baide

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Taste Notes

Dark Chocolate, Pear, Mango

Growing Altitude


Variety/Processing Method

Pacas & Bourbon/ Washed


Las Flores, Santa Barbara

In 2013, just a year after beginning the relationship with Sightglass, Finca Baide was hit heavily by rust and was almost irreparable. Jeovany said his faith was restored a year later after a visit from our coffee buyer. He was convinced that Sightlass had his back and it inspired him to pick himself up and prune almost 50% of his crop (which is a huge risk, you normally wouldn’t do any more than 25% as a small producer). He spent all of the profit from the previous harvest on fertilizers and topical sprays to control the outbreak, leaving him almost broke. His farm is looking amazing this year, his hard work and dedication shines through in the cup.

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A well-balanced cup of coffee is easy to make at home. We’ve chosen a few of our favorite brewing methods and laid out preferred recipes. You can fine-tine our recipes to your personal preferences along the way. Have fun, experiment, and smile often!

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How many cups of coffee are in a bag?

Using the recipe that we use in-store, each 12oz bag makes 17 cups of coffee - just the right amount for one person to use in two weeks or for a pair of coffee drinkers to enjoy in a week. 

Each 2LB bag makes 45 cups of coffee - just the right amount for one person to use in 3 weeks or for two people to enjoy in a week and a half

Each 5LB bag makes 113 cups of coffee - just the right amount for one person to use in 8 weeks or for two people to enjoy in a month

How long does Sightglass coffee stay fresh?

Sightglass coffee tastes best up to six weeks after the roast date printed on the back of the sealed bag. Once opened, we recommend you use the coffee within two weeks for optimal freshness. Coffee will taste best when ground immediately before brewing.

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