Coffee Seasonality: Spring Sourcing

Coffee Seasonality: Spring Sourcing


Spring. Flowers are blooming and the days are trending longer and warmer. Farmers market stalls are bursting with color and variety. For coffee lovers, spring is as good as it gets with exciting offerings coming in the next few months.


Harvest Time

As we move out of Winter and into Spring, we say goodbye to some favorites from Rwanda and Honduras, and make room for new arrivals from Peru, Burundi and a few from Colombia. Each coffee is unique, but with these fresh spring coffees you can expect vibrant florals, juicy fruit and lots of rich chocolate notes. 


Short and Sweet 

You might notice a few new additions alongside familiar coffees on the menu. Each of these incoming coffees will be available for one to three months, rarely longer. This relatively short window is due to limited supply of each lot and high demand for these delicious coffees. So if you see a coffee that catches your eye, get it while you can.


Coffee Farms, Small But Mighty 

We love high elevation coffee. The cooler temperatures act as a natural pest deterrent, and the coffee grows more slowly, producing fruit with deeply complex flavors. High elevation coffee also means a more rugged landscape, steeper hillsides and often much smaller farms than you’d find at lower elevations. Because of this, we often buy an entire farm’s harvest, ensuring that we’ll have as much of this prized coffee as possible to bring back to California. 

A highlight this season is a coffee from Gakenke Station in Burundi with notes of juicy plum, fragrant lavender and a sweetness that reminds us of raw honey. It’s everything we look for in a high quality Burundi and to make this coffee even sweeter, we contribute an extra 10% of the purchase price directly to the farmers who produce this incredible coffee.

It’s very hard to pick a favorite Colombian coffee but we can’t wait for Finca Las Igrillas to hit the shelves. Producer Pancho Delgado’s farm is renowned for its twenty-year-old caturra trees, cool climate and high elevation. With a florality and acidity reminiscent of passionfruit and a caramel sweetness, this is a very easy coffee to fall in love with. The cherry on top is that Pancho’s farm is located on the same 8-hectare property as his sister Mercedes López’s farm, Finca El Hospital, a current favorite on our menu. 


Delicious Coffee on Repeat

These coffees are available through our online store, in our cafes, and in select grocery stores. They are also featured as part of our seasonal subscription so you can enjoy a different one every month.



Grant MacHamer has been in the specialty coffee industry for 11 years, currently serving as Director of Education for Sightglass Coffee. As a barista, educator and storyteller he seeks to improve our daily coffee rituals while sharing the stories of the countless people that make our morning cup of coffee possible.

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