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With its ease of use and extreme durability, the Aeropress produces a wonderfully clean, refined, and expressive brew every time.

Start Brew Guide
Brew time

45 seconds


17 grams fresh, whole bean coffee

7 liquid ounces fresh, filtered water + additional for rinsing your paper filter

What you'll need


Aeropress Paper Filters

Burr Grinder

Pouring Kettle

Digital Gram Scale (or tablespoon)


step 1

Insert the filter into the bottom of the brewer, carefully rinsing both Aeropress chamber and filter with hot water. Leaving the filter in place, discard the water.

step 2

Weigh out 17 grams (about 2 level tablespoons) of whole beans. Grind the beans on the finer side; similar to the consistency of table salt.

step 3

Pour the ground coffee into the Aeropress chamber, giving a gentle shake to settle the grounds. Place the Aeropress on your scale and tare to ‘0 grams.’

step 4

Allow your water to reach a boil, and then wait 45-60 seconds before pouring water over the ground coffee. Start the timer and pour the water up to the ‘3’ mark (or 220 grams) on the Aeropress chamber. Give a quick, gentle stir to evenly immerse the grounds into the brew.

step 5

Insert the plunger into the brewing chamber until the black rubber piece seals the top. At the 45 second mark, gently and steadily push down on the plunger, forcing the brewed coffee through the chamber and into a mug. Stop when you hear the hiss of air escaping.

step 6

Remove and discard the filter and brewed grounds. Drink up!

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