Finca Las Florestales, Maximino Gutierrez

Honey, Black Currant, Green Grape

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On Finca Las Florestales, a farm deep in the Andes mountains, Maximino Gutierrez’s careful work has produced one of the world’s most special coffees. This is a relatively small farm, producing only about 1500 pounds of coffee per year, but it serves as a model for how a coffee farm should operate. Maximino cultivates only yellow Caturra trees on his land, and has invested in upgrading his equipment year after year. Las Florestales is named for the large collection of bright, exotic flowers that adorn his front porch.

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Taste Notes

Honey, Black Currant, Green Grape

Growing Altitude

1600-1800 masl

Variety/Processing Method

100% Caturra/Washed


Herrera, Tolima

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